Whacky Shots battle pack Review

If your children are anything like mine; they love things that they can both collect and play with. Whacky Shots is a new action toy that includes cards that you can use to play or you can also trade. Photo 10-05-2018, 12 57 12 (1)


We received the Whacky Shots Power Pack that includes eight Whacky Shots (two from each of the four teams), eight cards with bases, one target net, six crash cones, collector booklet and two Power Launchers.

The Monkey and Mouse were keen to get the pack open and start playing. There is minimum set up; you have to attached the net to and two legs to the ring and Pop the eight cards in their bases to stand them up, that’s it – you are ready to go!

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There are four teams; Earth Heroes, Mutant Beasts, Invading Aliens and Rogue Robots. All you have to do is pick your warriors, stretch and launch – launch into battle!! You can launch your warrior of your finger but in this power pack you can use the Power Launcher for extra distance and accuracy.

To play against an opponent, each of you pick your team (you are to have at least one from each element in your team), select your cards and stand them facing away from the opponent. The cards show power, speed and skill statistics.

Photo 10-05-2018, 20 17 59

If you hit one of your oppositions cards, it is turned and shown to the other players; if your warrior beats the element of the card you win, the card remains down and you get another shot. if it doesn’t beat the element the card owner wins and the card stays in play and is returned to its original position.

You keep going until only one player has a card left standing and they are the winner.

If you remember which cards you have hit and have remained standing, you can target your warrior with the correct element to defeat in a future shot!Photo 10-05-2018, 20 16 28

Fire beats nature – nature beats electricity – electricity beats water – water beats fire. Team Atomic beats them all!

This is a lot of fun and because it is easy to set up and get the play started I can see it being used a lot.  To hone your skills you can use the net and crash cones to practice. You can make your own games up and can even play solo if you want to!

The Monkey initially found that they could fire from their finger much better than from the Launcher. The Launcher took a little bit of getting used to, but now they are avid launcher users, as they can use them well.

The Whacky Shots comes from Brainstorm Ltd and is great and there are 60 Whacky Shots in Series 1, so it is a real collectible. I am sure any interested child will want to collect them all! The challenge is to find the rare glow-in-the-dark Whacky Shots for extra atomic power!

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  1. How did I not know these were from Brainstorm? Hahaha I’m an idiot. They are good though – I think there’s a lot of potential rainy day play with this set!!

    1. My son is playing with them loads, I think they may travel with us as easy to play and transport!

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