What a Week!

Oh what a day (well actually it has been a little over a week now!)

Has anyone else had one of those weeks where loads of little things go wrong, the kind of things that on their own you could deal with, but when they happen one after the other in quick succession, they are really frustrating!

Just a couple of examples from my week

Number 1: Our car’s exhaust snapped ‘in the most expensive place’ according to the garage man – not great, but something we could cope with – however, while it was in for repair, hubby had to miss two meetings, we had to change our weekend plans and once it had been fixed and was back at home finished – the radio went and now will only sing to us when we have the break on!

Number 2: My midwife said I need to get a repeat of my iron prescription but could I give the doctors a ring as she had tried and couldn’t get through. So I rang, for the message to tell me that repeat prescriptions requests could not be dealt with over the phone, so I have just driven down there, to be told I would need to speak to a doctor – who will ring me!

On top of this we have had a few maintenance issues in the house (all straight one after the other), ill child, ill hubby, post not arriving, alarms not going off and to top it all off, I now have a cold!

Roll on next week – it can only get better, look forward to it all turning around!

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