Feb 22

What’s the story?

I was gutted I ran out of time to join in the What’s the story linky last week, I love the chance it gives me to look at photos and remember memories! This week I have chosen a fun little picture, the quality isn’t brilliant as it was taken on my phone during a party.


These are my attempt at layered jellies, trying to make the very popular Hungry Caterpillar! What I didn’t really think about was how much jelly you would need to fill a cup like that and I made 50 of them! It was ambitious really, especially making the heads to go with them!

This is what I did for the kids joint birthday party last year, we are starting to think about what we are doing this year, their birthdays are three days apart in March. Not sure I have the patience to try and put together this many layered jellies again! What fun food have you made?


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  1. Pippa Ainsworth

    Those look like so much work but lots of fun too, I bet the children loved them!

  2. Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    I think they’re great. And children always tip their cups up, so really you were just being thoughtful :p

  3. Claire toplis

    I made cake ! Ps I like your jellies

    1. MoolBoots

      OOOO What Kind of cake?

  4. Mummy of Two

    What a lovely idea though I am not sure I would have had your patience!

  5. Mary @over40andamumtoone

    They’re great, I’ve no imagination so not done anything creative foodwise really

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