Young Games Inventor 2014

BrainBox is a fab games company who make a wide range of games perfect for kids to play with kids and families to play together. This year they are running a challenge for children to invent their very own board game. ygi-web-graphic

As far as BrainBox are concerned children are the perfect inventors. They’re full of creativity and ideas and imagination. They’re not constrained by what anyone else thinks is realistic or achievable; they don’t know what ‘impossible’ means. They view the world through a lens of opportunity and fun.

Also BrainBox recognise that however brilliant their inventions are, children are not normally able to do anything with them; to turn their ideas into reality.

So they are giving your little ones the chance to design their own game, use as much creativity as they want and bring their dreams into reality. The winner(s) will be invited to our design studio to see their game in production, before being presented with a finished version at the Toy Fair in London in January 2015.

To make the prize just a little more attractive The winner of each category will also win their height in BrainBox games, along with £100 in Ocado vouchers.

The deadline is 21st September for entries, so head on over to HERE to find out more about the competition and you can find the application form HERE to enter!


Good luck!


  1. We had entered! Mr k invented mummy tummy board game lol.

  2. Probably a bit beyond monkey at the moment but he has learnt so much from our Brainbox Dinosaur game – we have used it as an identification game as he is too young to play it properly. Loves it.

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